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OGO is a proactive, creative and innovative team. Our strategy-centric approach adds
value beyond budget.

The current climate requires initiative from leading brands who have the means to send powerful and positive messages. A narrative of resilience, hope and resourcefulness is critical to keep us united as a nation. Now is the time for remarkable action by fearless, intelligent South Africans of conscience. Great leadership rises in the face of adversity.


For innovative ways to deliver content, messaging and connection to stakeholders without compromising their safety and well-being, we have designed a range of options.


Using RSVP technology, excellent graphics, video streaming from TV quality studios and couriered gift packs  – we can now deliver a premium experience for your teams or customers. Conferences, awards evenings, incentive launches –  we can deliver an experience even during lockdown. 


Contact us for an online dive into how we can engage your target audience without compromising health and safety. 

The art of creating an unrivalled
experiential journey for guests

With an excellent network of suppliers, we are able to put together a crew ranging from 3 to 300. We can provide the entire event flow from invitation to staging to transfers home after the after-after-afterparty, and everything in between.  A quiet client dinner at the waterfront, or a rapper landing in a helicopter at a stadium, just tell us what you see in your mind, and we’ll get it out onto the page and then make sure it’s better than you thought it could be.

The correct mix of talent at your event is a novelty few can attest to achieving.
We have the proof

The entertainers of the nation love us, because we pay them and we treat them well. We only book them for things we know they’ll suit brilliantly and we work hard to write them great scripts, design them hot stages and direct them with care and creativity. They take our calls, and entertain our sometimes-unconventional requests. It’s not enough to have talent at your show – what they do there needs to be unique. That’s how your branded event delights the crowd and sends your brand viral. Should you need talent for your events or gatherings, rest assured you will be well guided in price and personality by OGO Productions.

Enjoy your event without missing a beat. We will monitor, dissect, analyse and
report on investment.

We measure stuff. We measure everything we can: How long? How fast? How come? Why? When? Who? We never stop asking questions and making notes. When we’re done, we know more about your consumer and how they feel about you than you did before. We measure all this stuff and we tell you all about it. It helps that we have a business school guy in the team, and a spreadsheet expert – we love a graph and a comparative matrix, we really do. Ask us about measurement when you hire us – no one else does it the way we do. The formula is proprietary and the result, unique to your business.

More than just pretty pictures this is how brands are perceived by guests

Visual communication is critical. It enhances your end-user’s ability to understand and remember your brand. Our design process brings in the artists, the AV team and the Creative Director all from the first meeting. We start designing with the end in mind. We don’t just make cool videos, we make aha moments for your guests in the car on the way home. 

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