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In order to allow you to get on with all the important things that you need to do to make your project a success – why not allow us to take care of another item on your list: Booking talent? Our network is based on decades of experience in the entertainment field, and so we have immediate access to M.C’s, keynote speakers, comedians, singers, dancers, DJ’s and influencers. We believe in downloading your requirement and then designing entertainment and content to enhance your outcome. Scheduling, contracting and communications on the day are all part of our service. It’s not just about booking the talent – it’s about getting the very best out of them on the day.

Our teams are not what you’ve come to expect from standard promotional people. Our hostesses are sophisticated and smart. They take a brief and respond with enthusiasm and initiative. Their outfits are crisp and their attitudes are fantastic. Our people are chosen for their high EQ’ – happy, helpful, empathetic people who make the experience special. Try one of our fun captains on one project. You’ll never look back.

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